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IQF Freezers and Plate Freezers

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IQF Freezers and Plate Freezers

Spiral freezers, chillers or coolers can be tailor made exactly to customer’s requirements, with numerous in-feed and out-feed positions. They are built with materials selected for their resistance, their imperviousness and to facilitate the maintenance and hygiene operations. The width and mesh of the belts are adapted to the products to be processed. The freezing or cooling times and the processing speeds are controlled by programmable touch screen controls managing also the refrigeration unit, valves and the cleaning cycles.

We manufacture these machines for Jackstone Freezing Systems Ltd who have been supplying refrigeration products to the food industry for over 50 years.

There are three designs of machines, packaged, modular and site assembled which cover practically all food products packed or not:

  • Chopped and shaped meat, burgers etc.
  • Cut and portion meat
  • Seafood: whole fish, shellfish
  • Ready cooked dishes and convenience meals
  • Bakery, pastry products
  • Potato based products, chips, roasted etc.
  • Ice cream, confectionary.

These machines have been tested on numerous processing plants and their constant evaluation answers your reliability, productivity, hygiene and profit requirements.

Vertical & Horizontal Plate Freezers

These machines are used for fast freezing in bulk on land and sea. Freezing into blocks is an effective, economical method of preserving, handling, transporting and storing perishable products.

The vertical plate freezer bulk freezes in one easy operation. Ideal for block freezing whole fish, fillets, animal by-products, bulk fruits and vegetables. All systems are fully adaptable for freezing liquids.

Products are simply placed or poured into vertical pockets between aluminium freezing plates. After freezing the blocks can be unloaded by mechanical means onto a conveyor system or palletizer or manually straight onto pallets. Within minutes the cycle can begin again

Horizontal Plate Freezers

Horizontal plate freezers are very effective in block freezing and preserving portioned food products whilst providing easier handling when unloading and loading, transportation and storage. They are ideal for freezing in trays, cartons and frames. The product is placed into trays of freezing frames and these are slid between the freezing plates. After freezing the trays are unloaded and the frozen blocks, flat and uniformly frozen are easily packaged or stacked and stored.

IQF and Plate Freezers
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IQF and Plate Freezers