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Offshore Services

At a time when recession and lack of Oil and Gas Construction activities seems to be the hot topic amongst industry peers, I am delighted to share some positive industry news.

The last 12 months has seen Armultra Ltd successfully bid, construct and complete a number of significant structural and pipework projects.

This is in no small part to our dedicated and highly skilled workshop team and our reliable and professional commercial team.

Our site services team of fabrication trades and supporting services are mostly employed on a full time basis by Armultra and this consistent team has not only successfully completed numerous projects over the last 12 months, it has also been quantified by written commendations both individually and as a team by client reps. 

We have also had requests for our teams to follow the client’s project teams on to subsequent projects.

Our site services teams consist of the following skill sets:

  • Construction / Piping / Structural Supervision and Management
  • Coded Welders for both pipework and structural applications
  • We have on site testing facilities to qualify welders in client specific WPQ’s
  • Platers
  • Pipefitters
  • Riggers
  • Electricians
  • NDT Technicians
  • QA/QC Support

Our offshore site services team can be deployed at a moment’s notice either as a team or individually, with consumables and equipment if required. Our welders can be qualified to client specific WPQR’s or from our extensive archive.

Client Shell

Type of service – Mechanical and Structural offshore teams for Shutdown / Turn Around

Scope of Service – Supplying Mechanical and Structural team including P&M Supervison for 2016 and 2017 Barge Campaign no Dutch and UK waters

Client Breheny
Type of service – Supply Welders, Platers
Scope of Service – Supply Armultra welders and platers to assist with structural refurbishment works on capital project Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour

Client Shell / AJS
Type of Service – Provision of contingency and planned subcontractor labour
Scope of Service – Personal supplied consisting of Pipefitters, Platers, and Riggers for work offshore in both UK and Dutch assets, and at Bacton Gas Terminal

Client Shell / AJS
Type of service – Qualify welders to AJS approved procedures and supply welders to complete offshore maintenance and decommissioning work scopes on Corvette Platform, BTBH Platforms, Echo Platforms

Client AMEC FW / Clair Ridge HUC project
Type of service – Qualify welders to AMEC approved weld procedure and supply team of welders to assist with Hook Up at Clair Ridge

In addition to the above we also supply our services to SembmarineSLP, Johnson Control
Systems, Weatherfords
If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ben Hunter on 01493 652150