Petrochemical and Vessels

Within Armultra we offer a wide range of design fabrication, commissioning and installation in petrochemical and pressure vessels on site and offsite, all built to client specifications. Vessels can be offered and discussed to be constructed in accordance with appropriate National and International codes, such as PD 5500, ASME VIII – Divisions 1 and 2, Lloyd’s rules for shipping and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).we have facility’s and procedures to offer this in a range of materials such as Carbon Steel, titanium, Stainless Steel and a range of internal finishes. As with anything these can be offered in a full range of sizes typically up to 5-metre diameter and 10-metre length and 30 mm thickness.

Typical vessel types for example could include:

  1. Surge tanks / Separators
  2. Knock out drums
  3. Chemical storage
  4. Separators
  5. Filtration
  6. De-sanding
  7. Air receiver
  8. Accumulators
  9. Intercoolers
  10. Economisers
  11. Receivers
  12. Oil separators

We supply to a number of sectors including, Refrigeration, Oil & Gas and    Food processing and cab design vessels in-house as part of a package or as a standalone service.

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