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Armultra offer the below training:


Rope Access IRATA Training

Level 1 – The course covers the basic techniques required for accessing difficult to reach locations on a pre-rigged twin rope system, along with the basic rescue techniques.

Level 2 – This course will refresh the candidates basic techniques and cover more advanced rigging and rescue systems, along with the industry legislation.

Level 3 – This course the candidates will become competent in advanced rigging and rescue systems and gain an understanding of current legislation and industry practice.

IRATA requirements must be adhered to in order to move up the Levels.


S-Cape User Emergency Evacuation System Training

The system uses basic abseiling techniques that anyone with training can perform safely. The training provides an easy and versatile way to perform a controlled descent from offshore installations in the event that an emergency escalates to a point where the standard evacuation systems can no longer be used.


Confined Space Training

Level 1    – A one-day low risk training course for persons who enter low risk confined spaces – with or without Escape BA avaliable.

Level 2/3  –  A two-day course covers how to work safely in medium & high risk confined spaces, in which there is a realistic expectation of encountering a specified risk, including possible introduction of a specified risk during work activity and when a specified risk cannot be eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level, and when respiratory protection (breathing apparatus) is required.


Working at Height

Armultra provide a working at height course, that complies with the Working at Height Regulations 2005 + BS8454 delivery of Work at Height.

Level 1 – (Harness User) Introducing candidates who are not actively involed in working at height to the requirements of regulations.

Level 2 – A course for those who work above ground at any level.

Level 3 – (Gotcha) A course for those whose role involves performing rescues at height.

Level 4 – (Management) A selection of working at height techniques. Candidates will gain a comprehensive understanding of site managers and supervisors responsabilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its supporting regulations.


PPE Inspection

We are able to offer PPE inspection competent person training course from our fully trained/qualified industry competent person.


Donut Training

An introduction to the Donut System via classroom induction and demonstration, covering the points of why, where and how to use the Donut during an emergency evacuation. This includes

practical descents from a height, this provides the delegate with full knowledge and confidence in the use of the Donut System during an emergency evacuation.

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