Training Services

Armultra offer the below training.

S-Cape User Emergency Evacuation System Training

The system uses basic abseiling techniques which anyone with training can perform safely.The training provides an easy and versatile way to perform a controlled descent from offshore installations in the event that an emergency escalates to a point where the standard evacuation systems can no longer be used.

Confined Space Training.

Level 1 – A one day low risk training course for persons who enter low risk confined spaces.

Level 2 – 2 day course covers how to work safely in medium risk confined spaces, in which there is a realistic expectation of encountering a specified risk, including possible introduction of a specified risk during work activity.

Level 3 – 3 day course covers how to work safely in a high risk confined spaces when a specified risk cannot be eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level, and when respiratory protection (breathing apparatus) is required.

Working at Height & Rope Access IRATA Training.

Armultra are also in the process of constructing there own training tower to be up and running be April 2020.Once this is in place we will be providing a working at height course, this will complie with the Working at Height Regulations 2005. The course will cover all necessary information needed by employers and employees to carry out any work at height. This includes an understanding of how to use access equipment safely and how to ensure that employees can reduce their risk of falls from height. The WAHR impose a “Duty of Care” on the employer to ensure work at height that is unavoidable is properly planned and appropriately supervised.

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